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Welcome to the Department of Automation at Széchenyi István University. Engineering training in the field of automation in Győr started at the College of Transport and Telecommunications in 1976. At that time it took 3 years to obtain a college degree. Since then there have been significant changes in our education system. Our college became a university in 2002 and under the Bologna system the 7-semester BSc study programme was launched in 2005 followed by a 2-year MSc programme in 2008. Our university also offers the opportunity to study for a PhD in the Multidisciplinary Doctoral School of Engineering. Particular emphasis has been placed on the development of our laboratories over recent decades and as a result they are well equipped and up-to-date, reflecting the present state of electrical engineering sciences. We have received foreign students from different European universities, mostly in the framework of Erasmus scholarships, and we are in close contact with EU partner universities. We have taken part in and organised Erasmus intensive courses with these partners in the past decade. Since becoming a university, scientific research, besides education itself, has played an increasingly important role. Our research fields include digital techniques, electromagnetic field computation, programmable logic controllers, micro-controllers, robotics, control theory, power electronics, soft computing techniques and fuzzy systems, parallel and cloud computing, electric motors and drives.

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